Sociolinguisticconsiderations discuss the different attitude of language between nations. Different countries thrive with different languages for example, Spanish and Hispanics differ on the basis of positive attitude to own languages. Hispanics prefer Spanish than Englishwhile Spanish feel that for advertising, English language is the bestone. Language matters most in communication and helps buyer to make decisions(Chung Han & Soo Ahn, 2013). The language of communication in advertisement is important to know consumer decision. Global brands use English language without any hesitation because English can better provoke customers to purchase and it is the most used language over globe. This research paper will discuss the role and impact of language on advertisement.

Impact of Language

As humankind makes development and progression, the conversational competency flourishes, and its roots are going more extensive. When we have a command of the language we can convey our thoughts to others, and push our ideas to outsiders, or can change its content, and can convey a message through communications, these skills impact marketing to attract the customers, influence the faith to purchase the products of related brands.

Placing and positioning of the product is the only purpose behind the numerous campaigns of the world. It can create tremendous forces on the retailer series, which is establishing around the globe. For advertisement and marketing, the graphics, content, verbal and descriptive conversation are necessary to build a report and provide guidance to consume the product, and resources proposed by the brand who invests his money to persuade the consumers(Dobson &Poels, 2020).

Language is an essential conversational means that help humans in the way of interaction. Language helps to create certainty and afterward systemizes it. The language supports invisible things and displays the presence. It also portrays the knowledge of someone. The language emphasizes experience, and experience relies on incidents, manners, targets, thoughts, character, nature, status, and cultural relationship(Chung Han & Soo Ahn, 2013). Language is not a symbolic system that creates a human culture that might be in written or oral communication. It also discusses social aspects based on cultural values, for example, garments, foods, customs, and traditions to form a society.

The discussion that is made on electronic media also represents language appearance. This discussion follows the powerful and intense conversational methods to protect the human culture and their defensive existence(hooft, Meurs&Schellekens, 2020). It also practiced giving information to others, providing truth, analyzing the behavior and opinion of others. The language also draws a craft on assets, advantages, and explains the flavor of an object. It also presents a view of experiences. Thus, the language follows its circumstances(Bishop &Lambie, 2007). The language affected social, educational, cultural values. Although social values and linguistic values are the same in society. An established society occupies developed linguistic values. Language is a powerful tool to express his ideas and emotions to others, and also a self-reflecting agent. It has a variety of uses, like writing, talking. The language also assists in developing cultural values. It plays a vital role in current cultural values in other communities. It also provides an identity to its speaker(Rinard, 2008).

In terms of broadcasting, language plays a vital role. It considers an essential tool for advertisement. The language also used in an advertisement for the transaction language that encourages the communication level. It also discusses the interaction of thoughts, that preferred the addressed and addressee relationship. The writer wants to describe the impact of language on electronic media, and measure the effect of scholar, audience, and listeners. It plays a dominant role and is sharper than a knife. When a person uses any ethical language through action, it is difficult to determine(Woloshin, 2009). Communication is also a graphical sound character. This act pushes a person to collapse and then towards the suicides. Language is a mysterious strength that is known as conversation. The language leads the world to supreme power, and we can measure its power by advertisement, who is competent to influence the people.

Concept of meaning 

The language signifies the confusing term. It is also applicable to evaluations, diagnosis, exposure, and presentation methods. Human behavior and action also affected language subjects and intersubjective. To recognize the human activities, we should know basic motives, by placing himself at the position of the speaker(Bishop &Lambie, 2007). When the pronunciation purpose required, the essays and reviews need to pay consideration to follow the covered meaning of discourse. When a person listens to something, the audience listens and understands it and answers according to it. The conversational sense describes the discourse context should be shorter and easy to understand and must be creating a relationship between the body and object, and referent to understand.

The word ‘house’ provides a sense of appearance; House is a combination of door, roof, window, and some other objects that all form residence for a person. There is a deep relationship between expression and referent, which also produces its further meaning and recommendations. This meaning and evidence of house, focus on the effect that creates a relation on its formation and nonlinguistic experience that are serving as nature. There are different meanings, and opinions are available to find out the correct definition, it follows three concepts of applications: 1) referential purpose, it shows the symbolic and referential relationship. 2) Meaning: It shows the meaning of a symbol, and the term will provide a sense if they are associated with another, time which is called ‘legally.’ 3) Intention: It wholly depends on the speaker’s wording or meaning of conversation that is being performed on symbols(Alonso García, Chelminski& González Hernández, 2013).


Media holds an essential position in the world. Media has become a platform for many different ideological representations. Media can develop into a tool to create traditional and prevailing ideology for the interest of the leading class, at the same time it can develop into the instrument of struggle for the oppressed group of the society to create ideology and cultural competition, as media is described as the battlefield for the competing ideologies(Alonso García, Chelminski& González Hernández, 2013). As a source of communication in presenting news, analysis, or common view about anything, media has a significant part as an institution that develops public opinion as media can also shape into the imagery or pressure group that is placed into the life perspective more analytically. Media can present positive or negative influences. Certainly, this standardizing character is very relative, relies upon the provided interest dimension. People can learn to be familiarized with their atmosphere with the help of the media. Media has to turn out to be an instrument to deliver a message to the general public.

When mass media has used a language, then, in fact, their responsibility has increased toward the influence propagation, certain stereotype, and prejudice. Thus, the selection of words that are used by the journalists or creators of advertisements has to be significant because it can influence the choice of people in enhancing their knowledge.

In human culture, language is a global symbol system. Language meaning is not only limited to oral language, written language, but it also includes all social trends of extensive culture in society, for example, clothes, rituals, food menu, and others. In such a case, advertisement communication in all media forms is also taken as one of the phenomena of language. In the start, the system of language is an instrument of communication, to create combined social understanding in the general public. Language is not limited to its meaning of representing cultural realities, but having the power to develop or to build cultural realities(Bishop &Lambie, 2007). According to a study that there are fewer people who think that language has a major impact on their point of view or observation about something. In language development, it is not the only source of communication or code system against the norms that reflect the monolithic meaning of reality. Generally, language is continuously developed in a certain social system.

As the demonstration of different social connections, language always develops strategies, subjects, and different communication themes. Language is the visual mode in the shape of a symbol, or visual picture has the influence to develop a different ideology that will also change and outline our awareness and subjectivity. Sign language can also be as effective as oral language or written language. Language has a part to reflect the true nature of the use of significance of the advertisements to service or product goods that are advertised. Language is also used as a medium to advertise capitalistic commercialism beliefs to the community. The language power that has carried the colonization of human civilizing symbolic in the advertisement, in fact, is one evidence that the hostility of language show one influence that can poison the civilization’s existence today and in the future. As a study told that though the utilization of words can be mistreated and the struggle for respect may sometimes be observed helpless, we should never back-down the right to use them only in the truth service. One should aim to mean what they talk and talk about what they mean. The truth is that advertisements are used to persuade to purchase. But it is important to understand that in advising people to purchase a product, it needs to select the delivery well.

There are two important terms, high customer involvement, and low customer involvement. The first reflects the products that normally are higher in price and are bought comparatively barely; the second reflects the products that are lower in price and are purchased more often. Scholars gave a further detailed classification, that is, convenience products, shopping products, and specialty products. The former is the same as low customer involvement, whereas higher customer involvement goods are further divided into shopping products and specialty products. Specialty products are enormously more costly than shopping products such as marriage dresses(hooft, Meurs&Schellekens, 2020). The analysis of data in this study consists of all three kinds of products. Third, concerning techniques, there is a difference between tickle advertising and reason advertising. Reason advertising is simple and direct, whereas tickle advertising is in direct and needs viewers to exercise more efforts to understand them. And last, in view of the consumer-ship, advertisements may be classified by customers’ socio-economic class, lifestyle, age, gender, etc.


Bilingual advertising is important to know because it is increasingly used in communication. In US, advertisers are using many kinds of communication methods for advertisement. Ads with English and Spanish language are getting more recognition. Words, phrases and meaning in a language are linked to the socio-cultural values of a nation. Different languages work differently with advertisement and make consumers’ mind to buy. Impact of language on advertisement cannot be ignored.





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