The growth of the business depends on the strategies designed by the upper management of the company for the expansion of its activities. However, the profitability of the company relies on the activities for lowering the expenditures of the company. The human resource strategy of any organization plays an important role in hiring and retaining the skillful staff within the company. The study shows that the selection of the human resources owns great importance in achieving the endeavors of any organization (Neves, 2017). It is the employees who achieve the goals and objectives of an organization rather than anything else. Therefore, no one can deny the importance of human resource strategy within the organization. The fundamental function of the human resource department has transformed from the casual ‘hire and fire’ to a more modified and customized system, which is concentrating on another aspect of an organization like considering the techniques of employee engagement (Hoefle, 2019).

HR strategy in any organization is a set of activities that focus on recruiting, observing, supervising, and directing people. HR strategy deals more with queries related to performance management, compensation, employee safety, organization growth wellness, employee benefits, motivation, mentoring, training, and other aspects of the employees. HRM plays a tactical role in handling people and the office values and surroundings. In real, it can add greatly to the overall business direction and the triumph of its objectives and other goals.

Organization Background:

Baskin-Robbins is an American chain of ice cream which is known for its variety of enticing flavors. They are offering cakes to customers in different flavors and sizes. Founded in Canton, Massachusetts, it was originated in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in Glendale, California where they grabbed the attention of all people across the borders. It also claims to be the world’s largest chain of ice cream department stores, which has more than 7,500 locations all over the world (M.Olson, 2018). Apart from that, it has an estimated 2,500 shops in the United States. However, there are more than 5000 stores that are present in different countries excluding the United States. It is present in more than 50 countries where they have molded themselves as per the norms and values of that specific territory. The company is recognized for its “31 flavors” slogan which aims to make itself unique as compare to its competitors. The idea and concept behind this slogan are that a consumer could have a diverse flavor every day of any month. The company has presented more than 1,000 flavors nationwide since it started its operations in 1945. The headquarter of the company is located in Canton, Massachusetts where the business techniques and tactics are practiced in order to bring more flavors within the system (M.Hedberg, 2018).

HR Strategy:

Methods used to engage and retain employees:

The study shows that employee motivation leads to effectiveness, throughput, customer pleasure, modernization, health, turnover, and wellbeing of any organization. If the employees within any organization are happy and satisfied then there is no force which can keep this company away from achieving its endeavors. However, it is very important for every organization to recognize its employees so that they could perform well in the future and come up with positive and creative ideas which could add value and support for achieving the final endeavor (Bohlmann, 2018).

However, there are many methods that are being used by Baskin Robbins international in order to retain all of its employees. The upper management has designed the best models for employee motivation, engagement, and retention. First, the BR upper management always keeps its employees in the planning process in which the entire business plan is discussed with the employees. The employees are welcomed to share their insights with the upper management so that they could feel empowerment and ownership within the company. All the employees are given equal opportunities to share their ideas related to their concerned departments, then these ideas go into execution if these ideas are workable (Parke, 2018).

Second, the upper management of BR does emphasize communication among the employees and departments. They do share the information from the upper management to the lower management so that no employee could feel isolated. The study shows that the BR management also organizes periodic entertainment activities which do entice their employees. The employees do feel good by participating in such activities as it reduces their stress and other tensions within the mind. These activities make them fresh and healthy. The study shows that employee participation in such activities raises employee engagement and employee productivity (Young, 2018).

Moreover, there is no “Bossy” culture within the organization. Every employee is respected within the organization without any discrimination and exploitation. The study shows that if the upper management encourages and appreciates their employees once they share and participate in the decision-making process of the business then it brags the employee motivation and employee commitment towards the goals and objectives of the company. So, the BR team is utilizing the same concept with its staff and recognizing them once they show their interest in the daily operations of the company (Shikha, 2019).

In addition to that, the company does create the hype of the upcoming activities so that the employees could work hard to avail all of these opportunities. The study shows that such activities do direct the employees towards the right track so that they could follow that path for achieving the ultimate goals (Shrestha, 2017).

The study also shows that the BR management is also offering the “Discount Cards” to its employees which helps the employees availing “31% discount” if they purchase ice cream from the BR outlets. The team is selling happiness not to its customers but also to employees. The study also shows that the BR management doesn’t rely on the traditional practice of terminating employees if they don’t perform well. However, they improve the skills of employees and then they provide them opportunities to grow and prosper (Neves, 2017).

Moreover, the upper management is also organizing the events in the restaurants after the end of every month where the last month’s performance of the company is discussed in front of every employee. It gives every employee an idea of what are actions needed to be considered after this evaluation. The study shows that such meetings and sharing of information do enhance employee productivity in an appropriate mean. It helps the employees to understand their mistakes and come up with a plan for overcoming all of these weaknesses.

Rewards Strategy:

BR management has designed its rewards strategy differently for every department. For the operations and sales department, they do evaluate the performance by comparing the selling figures with the expected figures. If the department meets its target then they offer them monetary awards. They do offer them incentives so that the employees could feel good after receiving such kind of rewards (Neves, 2017).

The study shows that if any organization is providing job security to its employees then it’s a key to retain its employees in the long run”. Moreover, the BR management is working especially on the mantra of recognizing its employees. They do spend a great time seeing how the employees should be recognized. Some employees attach their motivation to intrinsic rewards and some of them need extrinsic rewards. So, the HR strategy of BR does include all the factors before recognizing its employees. The management does offer monetary rewards to its employees bi-annually which bolsters the employee commitments towards the organization.

The study shows that the BR management is recognizing the employees by granting them the title of “Employee of the month” and “Employee of the department”. It helps the employees to feel great, it also stimulates them to come up with more creative ideas for the wellbeing of the organization. Apart from that, the company is exercising this practice of increasing salary at least 8% by the end of every year. If any employee performs beyond the expectations then he gets the salary increment up to 20% as well (Shrestha, 2017).

Methods to monitor and review:

The study shows that the Baskin Robbins International team does arrange the periodic performance reviews of their employees in which they analyze the performance of their employees. They check the performance of the employees by comparing the expected goals with the actual achievement. The findings of the study show that the HR team of BR International does design the job descriptions and KPIs of every employee before the hiring. The company discusses the company’s expectations with the employee before his joining so that he/she could understand the company’s expectations from him. The key performance indicators do share with the employee so that the employee could be reviewed on the same KPIs once the period is completed. They are using fair means for evaluating the employees.

The HR department takes the insights of every employee from the line manager and then looks into it the depth of it. The study shows that the HR team does keep a record of every employee whenever he performs well or deteriorates his performance. If they find it important to recognize any employee then do recognize their employee in front of all. The findings also show that if the HR department sees and finds any review to be conducted on an urgent basis, then they do conduct it. Once the review is completed, they share the insights with the employees so that they could integrate their efforts with the objectives of the organization (Neves, 2017). 

In the opposite case, if the employee is not performing up to the mark, they don’t condemn him in front of all employees instead they find the weaknesses of this employee then they devise a training plan in order to equip this employee with all the techniques which are required. The study shows that the employee performance is evaluated after every training and then they see and analyze the effectiveness of that training program either it has equipped the employee with the expected techniques or not. If yes, then they see the performance of the same employee and then award him for the better performance if it gets improved from the past one (Neves, 2017).

Best Practice:

The study shows that the practice of conducting periodic reviews is one of the best practices exercised by the management of Baskin Robbins international. They conduct periodic reviews and acquaint their employees with the feedback. It puts their employees on the right path so that the employees could land on the right destination in the long run. They don’t criticize and condemn employees if they commit mistakes unintentionally instead they help them in overcoming all of these mistakes.

Apart from that, the results of the recent study show that BR management is emphasizing more on the factor “communication”. They are promoting communication among the employees and department. For them, communication is the only key that can lead them in the market. It is also the best practice which is enhancing employee motivation and employee engagement in an appropriate manner (M.Hedberg, 2018).


To conclude, the Human resource strategy of any organization plays an important role in hiring and retaining the skillful staff within the company. The study shows that the selection of the human resources owns great importance in achieving the endeavors of any organization. Baskin Robbins International is using the best techniques for increasing its employee engagement and employee motivation. They are motivating their employees by aligning their efforts with the intrinsic and extrinsic awards which have improved their performance in a flabbergasted manner. The HR strategy of BR management has stimulated its employee to work day and night for the wellbeing of the company (M.Olson, 2018).


Baskin Robbins International is already following all the standardized guidelines while designing its HR strategy. It is recommended that the BR management must see deeply what their employees want. There would be many employees who might be looking for intrinsic rewards. If they are given extrinsic rewards then they won’t be happy. Therefore, it is important for the BR team to understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards so that they could offer the right reward to the right employee at the right time.


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